Saturday, 26 September 2009

Weaving Day, Friday September 25th

We held our first "Weaving Day" on Friday - we've been talking about it for years, but have finally got round to it.  None of us is an expert, but between us we have enough expertise and equipment to get going.  Having a whole day in the Community Centre meant that we could actually get a lot done, and do it without falling over the furniture as we do at home.  Getting a loom ready for weaving ("warping up") takes a fair amount of time for several reasons, boiling down to the fact that an awful lot of yarn has to be wound on to the loom and then threaded through raddles/heddles/reeds or all three to form the "warp" on which the weaving is done.  Only after this is done, and done properly, can we get on and do the interesting bit which is the actual weaving.
We shared warping frames and pegs, inspected each others' looms, helped with winding on the warps and generally learnt a lot from each other.  And of course there was plenty of time for cups of tea and coffee, and general chat, and a good lunch with delicious soup made by J.M.
courtesy of I.C.

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