Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tales from the Riverbank

After nearly a week of continual rain, the Elwy Valley at LlanfairTalhaearn is doing its' job as a flood plain.  The roads are blocked from here to everywhere, and not even the ambulance can get through.  Fire Brigade, Police and Highways men (N.B. not Highwaymen) have been out all morning, and now the main road is officially closed.  Several houses and the village carparks are under feet of water despite the best efforts of four Fire Appliances, and, although the Community Centre is protected by a good stone wall, the water is beginning to percolate up through the earth into the enclosure.  So, unsurprisingly, our afternoon meeting has been cancelled.  AC.


  1. good grief! I must admit I nearly turned back this morning when the road to Melin y Wig was like going up through rapids. I believe it's a similar story in Llangwm.

  2. I can only remember it being worse than this on one occasion before, when there were ducks swimming along the road where the council truck is on the second photo. On that occasion I had to make a 20 mile detour to get to work, and drove through Llansannan as the storm drains were bursting, and the cast iron manhole covers were popping up like corks. Very scary.