Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More tales from the riverbank

It stopped raining before Christmas, just in time to freeze and snow.  This afternoon we had a blizzard which blocked all the main roads in a matter of minutes and even the normally mild coastal areas were wiped out for a time.  (The single track side roads inland have been impassable for weeks).  In LlanfairTH we had up to 9 inches of snowfall in about 3 hours, so, unsurprisingly, our meeting tomorrow is CANCELLED.  If I can get out of the house in the morning I will post some photos.  In the meantime, here is a nice cheery and unsnowy picture of a touch of hoarfrost on ivy.



  1. How on earth did you get up your hill Alison my car would not even make it into my drive yesterday. Sorry about the meeting but I hope to spin to Radio 4 this afternoon! :) ps love the hoarfrost picture

  2. I have been walking up and down the hill, and using the bus. I got stranded in Rhyl yesterday afternoon; all the buses were cancelled apart from the service along the coast road. A Very Kind Person rescued me in a 4x4, and drove the long way round down the lane from the top in order to deliver me to my front door.