Thursday, 11 February 2010

Card weaving evening

Yesterday evening we attempted some card weaving - that is, weaving on a card loom, not weaving your actual cards, if you see what I mean.  Thanks (once again) to J-M's excellent and clear instructions, we all  made a good start; and some of us got a lot further than that!  We "warped up" small to medium sized pieces of card to make tiny looms, some of which we folded in half so that a seamless bag could be made by weaving round and round.
For more photographs of card weaving & paraphernalia, click here.  Please add photos of your finished work if you wish.
(Today's interesting fact:  when checking the spelling of "paraphernalia" I discovered that it actually means "married women's property, especially articles of jewellery, dress and personal belongings".  Very appropriate.)
Welcome also to Pauline's daughter & granddaughter who came along for the evening.

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