Tuesday, 7 December 2010

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Once again, the weather has thwarted our plans for a Christmas celebration evening, and we have had to cancel our meeting this week.  Although the roads are clear, the thought of venturing out in the freeze is just too much to contemplate for most people.

I can't say I'm all that sorry myself:  I wasn't really looking forward to walking down a 1in3 hill in the icy dark to open up the Community Centre, and then having to walk back up the hill late at night.
On a more cheerful note, those of us who managed to get to Trefriw at the weekend had a very enjoyable time, browsing the excellent textile and craft stalls.  Many thanks to Elaine and her friends and colleagues for their warm welcome.
We will be meeting in LlanfairTH. next Wednesday afternoon but not on the two Wednesdays after that, so may I wish you all a Happy Christmas,  and as Prosperous a New Year as is reasonable (VAT going up to 20% ...) and see you in January.

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