Sunday, 7 August 2011

Preparing for our evening meeting on Wednesday, August 10th.

Alison is going to demonstrate a warp weighted loom of the type used for weaving in the Iron Age.  This will be the "bushcraft" version - scaled down and made with sticks lashed together.  The loom consists of a simple frame with the warp suspended from the top cross-piece.  Bunches of warp threads are tensioned with loom weights - stones will do - and the shed is changed in the same manner as on an inkle loom.  The frame is easy to make, and warping up is dead simple.  The difficult bit (which will sort the weaving sheep from the non-weaving goats) is threading up the warp to the weaving beam.
Advice:  use a smooth warp, and use a different coloured thread to attach the back warp threads to the beam.
Some photographs of what to expect.  Note that this loom has come out "H" shaped, whereas "A" shaped might be more stable - easy to adjust.
A suitable stick for a small loom

The basic frame - refinements would include some corner stays to prevent it twisting

Warped up and almost ready to weave
detail of the "shed"

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