Thursday, 22 November 2012

Spinning Sunday, and our Guild Challenge


...and concentrating.

A chance for members to borrow magazines from the Guild library
Our first winter Sunday meeting (on Remembrance Day) saw a good turn-out - a chance to spin and catch up with the news, and an opportunity for newer members to glean some useful hints.
Ready for the Guild Challenge

We have reintroduced our Guild Challenge: each member has a bag of fibre to spin into a hank (or hanks) of yarn in any way she wishes.  We then plan to have a "show and tell", comparing the results and learning from each other's experiences.  Jenni F. has kindly provided some beautiful crossbred fleece from her flock.
Thanks to Hilary for the photographs - I have kept back the one of a Christmas present in the making so as not to give away any secrets!
Our next Sunday meeting, in December, will be a weaving workshop with Clare Minty.

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