Monday, 9 December 2013

Spinning Sunday

With the weather being very slightly milder, conditions inside the Community Centre in Llanfair were very slightly better on Sunday, although it was still very cold.  Unfortunately, the storage heaters have not yet been repaired after last year's floods.  (Not to be confused with this year's floods, which fortunately did not get this far inland.  Some of the poor souls in Rhyl who were forced to leave their homes last week are still in temporary accommodation.  At least we didn't get the 19ft tidal surge they did on the east coast of England.)

Rather more light than heat
However, clothed in thermal underwear and thick woollies, and fortified half way through by an excellent festive lunch at the Black Lion across the road, we stuck it out and had a good day's spinning.  Our newest members are really getting the hang of things, and we were delighted to welcome back one of our founder members.
Four important stages of hand-made textile work:  sorting the fleece, spinning, knitting - and drinking tea.
We will be back in Llanfair after Christmas if the heating is fixed.

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