Friday, 14 February 2014


From our members:

Our Sunday winter tour continues apace, with a meet at our members house in Betws yn Rhos.  Smaller than a draughty hall it allows for a cheerful buzzing atmosphere where spinning, drafting and knitting can take place in the warm.  One of our new members, Haf brought with her a hand made wheel in oak, for our examination. A beautiful piece of furniture but was extremely heavy and didn't spin well. Not one for a beginner, so a trusty Ashford traveller was called for and this allowed for great spinning for the rest of the day. 
Plans were made for our Friendship day in April which completed a very successful day.
spinning Texel, Shetland, Border Leicester; 
knitting homespun into elaborate bedspread squares; 
domino knitting of homespun into a jacket; 
drop spindling; 
dog patting; 
horse watching from indoors;
spinning practice - although you could say all spinning constitutes practice;
pooling ideas on twisted fringes; 

turning down (sadly) the chance to see the sheep due to wrong shoes, leaves on line, etc..

Haf's new wheel?  - on loan.

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