Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Loom Day, Sunday 19th. October

Peg looming for beginners and experts proved very entertaining.  We tried spun yarn of the chunky variety and unspun rovings. The aim was to produce small mats for stool seats. The soft rovings will need felting to make them serviceable.
The inkle loom did not get used that day, but provoked  interest: it needs a dedicated session another time. Other looms, table top and children's miniature rigid heddle,  were also abandoned in favour of the pegs.
Bryn T.
A brand new peg loom in action:  long threads are attached to the bottom of the pegs to act as a warp.  The weft is wound in and out by hand, and before the pegs get "full" they are taken out one by one and the warp is pushed down along the weft.  (The holes in the block are there to support the pegs.  The warp doesn't go through them.)

Inkle loom

Weaving removed from the peg loom.  The weft has been pushed down tightly and the warp threads have been tied to prevent it unravelling.

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