Sunday, 10 May 2015

Being in two places at once...

Today we were in two places at once, 7 miles apart.
Jenni F. and her Gazebo Gang were at the Gwrych Castle Fete in Abergele, survived the cold and probably met the best part of a thousand people.  Val's husband provided refreshments from the campervan and earned the title of Guild Roadie. (Pictures to follow, I hope.)
A select group of less adventurous folk came to LlanfairTH and stayed in the warm, with cake, and got a great deal done. Several full bobbins and some finished weaving between us. (Pictures to follow, once I work out how to upload them from a tablet computer.  The eventual solution: email the pictures to myself, and then upload them from the P.C.)
First of all, the Cake Picture - affected badly by the red heat lamps

More amazing fibres from Katie Weston - these are a very dark plum colour with touches of peach

Jill's colourful weaving on a Kromski knitters' loom.  This is a rigid heddle loom designed to take knitting yarn; it has a neat warping board incorporated into the base and folds up neatly with the weaving in situ.  Jill is weaving red merino on one shuttle and red merino plied (plyed?) with recycled sari silk on the second shuttle.

Quiet concentration on the other side of the room.

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