Sunday, 12 July 2015

A Sunday in July

A dull and muggy day in the country saw 11 spinners and a visitor meeting in LlanfairTH.  Everyone was very busy, taking advantage of the chance to have a whole 6 hours of uninterrupted spinning.  Once again, we managed to get a lot done despite the distractions of tea and chat.
We also had the opportunity to catch up on the news from Woodfest at the end of June.  Unfortunately, it sounds as though the Friday team drew a very short straw indeed and did not have the space originally allocated us - with all the hassle associated with moving at short notice.  However, Saturday and Sunday went off much better, and teams 2 and 3 really enjoyed themselves.  They had such fun, they didn't take any photographs.  The Sunday team had the added pleasure of being given hand-made drop spindles by a kind woodturner.

Thank you to all who took part and shared the crafts of handspinning, weaving and dyeing with the public.

Back to LlanfairTH today, and the usual eclectic mix of fibres and spinning wheels:

Bryn - brave soul - is working towards the National Association's Certificate of Achievement, preparing and spinning a variety of different fleece.  The current task is Gotland:  beautiful to look at, but not so beautiful to comb and spin. The yarn is turning out to be rather hairy and coarse.

Shawl gallery:  Yvonne and Hilary.

Yvonne modelling her shawl.

Hilary's beautiful "random" effect woven shawl.

See you all in Abergele next time.

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