Monday, 12 October 2015

Sunday in LlanfairTH

Working from left to right:  Yvonne's new wheel; Val spinning in a very smart knitted jumper;

Hilary busy making lace; Edith spinning a beautiful dark red yarn;

Kate and Bryn suitably dressed for the occasion.

First class work on the peg loom by Kate's 4 year old daughter (joined together by Aunty)

And finally:  The Cake Picture.  Bara brith on the left, and Val's delicious orange malt loaf on the right.

Our first meeting in LlanfairTH. for a while, having had to cancel at short notice in September.  Not a huge turnout, but those who managed to come had a good and productive day.  The weather is turning colder, after a late blossoming of summer weather - we look a bit spread out in these photographs, when perhaps we should have been huddling together for warmth.  The clocks will have gone back before our next meeting.

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