Monday, 25 January 2016

2016 up and running

January Cake Picture - after the gannets had descended.....

There has been a bit of a gap since our last post here, but we have been busy - honestly.
On the second Sunday in December we met in LlanfairTH as usual, and at lunchtime crossed the road to the Black Lion for our annual Christmas lunch.  Almost everyone made it, including Kate and her very new baby - he was competely delightful, and very tolerant of being passed from arm to arm for cuddles.  We filled the time before our meal by applying ourselves to Jenni and Bryn's festive spinners quiz.  Great fun, but not easy.  Thanks to to them for finding the exam paper - I think courtesy of Hilary Miller of the Gwynedd Guild (someone will tell me if I'm wrong).  Thanks to Jenni for the raffle prize.  We all had a delicious meal, and even did some spinning later in the afternoon.
Unfortunately our January Sunday meeting had to be cancelled, but our Monday meeting went ahead as usual in the nice warm vestry at Capel Mynydd Seion. Six of us attended, and we were pleased to welcome two visitors and a spinning wheel in need of a little attention.  It's fine really, and will be even better once restored to its' original double drive.
Pin loom weaving continues to be a popular activity, and Val was wearing a very impressive tweedy waistcoat pieced together from her squares.  No photograph I'm afraid, but it was very smart!

Val's home made pin loom and tweedy weaving

A more open weave from Betty; once off the loom and fulled  it will  become nicely compact.

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