Monday, 15 August 2016

Another Sunday spinning.

It gets a bit difficult to think of new and scintillating things to write about our "ordinary" spinning meetings.  What do we do? We "just" meet and spin.  But of course it's not "just" that.  Everyone is doing something slightly different, and everyone learns from everyone else.
This time in Betws yn Rhos:
Shirley was spinning some gorgeous coloured mixed tops (with silk?) and fixed the clunk in her wheel with a little oil from Edith.  Edith also fixed Alison's spinning wheel with the gift of a tiny piece of electrical cable to connect the treadle to the conrod - if that's what it's called.  Bryn is soldiering on with her Wensleydale fleece for the Certificate of Achievement, and it looks quite fluffy for a lustre yarn.  It will certainly be warm when it's made into something... or other.
Betty produced a top secret item for the Clwyd Guild challenge (a clue:  it's knitted purl 2, knit 1 on every row and comes out as a really textured rib).  Yvonne demonstrated some fiendishly fast and stretchy knitting on a cast-off, but I still don't know how she did it.  Jenni and Kate enjoyed some peaceful spinning time out of their hectic schedules.
Apart from spinning, we did our usual chatting, but this time there were long spells of complete silence as everyone concentrated on their work.  Even the spinning wheels were fairly quiet most of the time, apart from an occasional clunk/whirr/squeak, and we luxuriated in the peace of a rural North Wales Sunday.  Young Edryd, who is going to be the strong silent type, joined in the quiet on the whole although he did occasionally feel moved to fill the space with some carefully chosen baby splutterings.  Mostly, however, he just kept an eye on us to make sure we behaved.
One side of the room..

...and the other side.
No cake pictures this time, as there wasn't any cake.  

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