Sunday, 30 August 2009

Scottish Games

Here are a couple of photos from the Long Island Scottish Games. It was very hot and we had to keep moving around the gazebo. They were impressed by our banner in our gazebo and hope to do something similar. Rosie

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Fancy yarn spinning workshop

On Saturday 15 May 2010 we are running
 a workshop led by Alison Daykin, a published
creative yarn spinner. The event will run from
10.0 am - 4.0 pm at Llanfair Talhaiarn
Community Hall. Members of other spinning
guilds are cordially invited to join us (£12.0
per head for the day).
email:  abergelewsd at

Alison Daykin's website

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

LLanasa Scarecrows

That sounds fun, pity you couldn't hang up the banner etc though

Llanasa Scarecrow Fest

Two of us demonstrated wheel and drop spindle
spinning last Saturday. The village had put on an
impressive show of scarecrows, in gardens, along
walkways, and leaning against fence posts. They
were eye-catching and very creatively made.
Children, as usual, were full of questions about
our spinning. Ashley found he could master the basic
techniques of drop spindle and stayed to practise.
His interest was rewarded with a gift of a Peruvian
spindle and some rollags.
We had to improvise somewhat with our display
as we had no walls to hang the banners and board.
A communal tent has advantages though: good
company and a good neighbour, Rod, who mended
my spinning wheel.
Thanks, Llanasa for inviting us.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

An ordinary evening meeting (?)

We had our regular evening meeting yesterday - just a few of us this time as it's bang in the middle of the summer holidays. Entirely normal and not a bit out of the ordinary.....apart from the fact that I spent all day under the impression that it was Tuesday and therefore failed to turn up to open the hall. I had to be fetched......
Very, very sorry and apologies to everyone. To make up, I have spent this afternoon making Guild business cards for Bryn & Pam to take to the Llanasa Scarecrow Festival on Saturday.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

A Letter from America

Rosie is staying with her daughter in the USA for the Summer

I am going to demonstrate with the local guild at a Highland Games (!) here on Long Island on August 22nd., so will take some pics. there.

The Sunday afternoon knitting group I go to has several spinners, and in fact it is just like our Wendesday afternoon except that it is in a cafe so we get lots of onlookers. The other week we went to someone's garden and were all spinning under the trees in the sunshine and then went in th pool afterwards - slightly different from Wales at the moment I gather. Quite a few of the guilds post notices on Ravelry (see link) about happenings (like workshops etc. we want people to come to).

Need to take the new dog to the park and then bowling this afternoon.


An ordinary Wednesday afternoon

- a slightly confusing image of spinning wheels (actually an excuse for me to try out Picasa collage maker, as recommended yesterday by Kath).

There is a huge variety of wheels around, from top-of-the-range foldaway portable wheels to dead ordinary, shove-them-in-the-boot-of-the-car-on-top-of-the-old-feed-sacks wheels. Not to mention the lovingly home made wheels, constructed by keen woodworkers. So here is a selection of our wheels, plus hands and feet at work spinning (and knitting).

(anything to fill the space on the blog......)AC
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