Monday, 28 March 2016

Spring is here -

- the clocks went forward yesterday and Storm Katie has (thank goodness) passed us by.  That isn't to say that the weather here has been completely balmy and Springlike; Easter weekend was pretty nasty, and one of our members has apparently been snowed in at home for over a week.
However,  Bank Holidays don't stop us from enjoying our spinning if we can get out, and we met as usual in Abergele tonight.
Val has made a crochet picot edging for her her pin loom poncho , and it's perfect.

Yvonne also finishes her handspun articles:

And everyone else is working up to being in a position to finish their stuff, too:

Look closely, and note the worsted combs...

Lovely even spinning from Edith.

Natural dyes on tussah silk ready for Helen's drop spindle.

Chunky "heather mixture" from Jenni.

And finally:  The Cake Picture (haven't had one of these for a while).

Our next "gig" is our Friendship Day in LlanfairTH on Sunday, April 10th.  Hope to see you there!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Spinning Sunday

Another beautiful Spring day, and another chance to watch the birdlife from Hilary's living room while doing a bit of spinning.  Today we were treated to several fly-pasts by the sparrowhawk, who settled on the bird feeders long enough for us to get a good look at her striking speckled plumage in the sunlight. (I just looked it up:  females are brown, males are smaller and greyish.)
We also saw a whole descent of woodpeckers - well, three. (I looked that up, too.  Along with charms of goldfinches, parliaments of owls and an unkindness of ravens, you can have a descent of woodpeckers.  What a lot you learn from the internet.)

As always, we had a lovely time spinning, chatting and admiring Val's latest weaving. We also admired our youngest attendee, who has grown a lot since we last met him.

Pin loom weaving continues to be popular, and Val has produced yet another amazing almost-finished piece! This is a poncho with a cosy knitted collar and a pocket, with just a bit of tidying round the edges left to do:


Kate demonstrating a triangular version of the pin loom...

... and Hilary using the square version.

Many Thanks to Hilary for her hospitality - see you all in Abergele on Easter Monday evening.