Saturday, 25 September 2010

Abergele WSD at Pensychnant

A day' s workshop on spinning, crocheting and knitting at Pensychnant
Nature Conservation Centre. Led brilliantly by Jenni, Bryn came in
round the edges. A group of 6 students encountered spinning  for the first
time on a variety of wheels. We had a Joy, several Traditionals, a Haldane,
and a castle-style wheel. Thanks to all who lent their wheels. We appreciated
what a wrench it is to part with this favourite piece of equipment – almost like
handing over the family pet. 
However, they have been reherded and will be returned this coming
Wednesday afternoon.  It was more an AGWSD outreach event, but earned
some money for the Guild to put towards our own workshops. Thank you,
Pensychnant for having us, and that lovely log fire.
(by Bryn)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Annual General Meeting, 2010

Tonight we held our AGM in our regular evening meeting slot.  Thanks to all who attended and helped to make it a really good session.  Lots of ideas were considered with lively discussion from all members, long standing and more recent.  (Official minutes to follow, when I get round to typing them up).
We now have a new Chairman/person - welcome to her, and thanks for her moving tribute to her late predecessor, who will be greatly missed.  We also have a new Treasurer and a new Librarian:  good luck to them both!
Just for a change, we had tea and cake......and sausages.  There was a lot of constructive talk, but not much spinning done.  We eventually drifted home into the starry, starry night with the knowledge of an evening well spent, and the next year to look forward to.