Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Community First and National Wool Week

We have had a really great afternoon with a group from Conwy Council Community First, in honour of National Wool Week.  A whole minibus full (10 adults plus Jennifer from the Community Development Service who did the organising) arrived to sample spinning and weaving.  As usual, several people took to the craft like ducks to water, and the whole group went away with big smiles - which was very gratifying.  The Guild members had a good time too: thanks to Bryn, June, Pauline and, of course, Fred.  We hope to be able to keep in touch, and, who knows, perhaps we may have some new members in the fulness of time?
Decks cleared and ready for action...

June and audience.

Pauline showing how to thread the yarn

Star pupil (one of several)!

Concentrating on the drop spindle.....

Team photo with genuine Campaign for Wool umbrella.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Corn Dolly Making, Wednesday October 10th.

Bryn's Harvest loaf
We celebrated the approach of autumn with an evening of corn dolly weaving, traditionally made from the last sheaf of corn gathered at the end of the harvest.  Corn dollies have their origin in our distant, pagan past, and each region has its' own particular designs. Expertly led by Jenny P., who grew up in East Anglia, we completed a "Welsh Fan" without too much trouble - a testament to Jenny's excellent teaching and efficient planning.  We used Maris Wigeon wheat, specially obtained for the workshop as modern wheat varieties are too short and pithy for corn dollies. Having "graded" our stalks of wheat we quickly picked up the plaiting technique required, weaving in new stalks as we progressed down (or up) the structure:

Jenny's Welsh Fan: something for us to aspire to.

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Those who chose not to make dollies passed a pleasant couple of hours spinning and chatting. 
Many thanks to Jenny P for her time and trouble, and thanks to Jenni F for the cake!